In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March we chatted with six women who are shaking up the tea industry! They each saw a niche in the tea market, decided to follow their dreams and founded their own tea businesses. And the tea world is all the richer for them! 

Second in our Women in Tea series are Raman Bath and Sital Nakarja, Directors at SupplyR Ltd and creators of CupTea. With over 20 years experience in buying and merchandising for leading high street retailers, Sital is great at spotting trends and gaps in the market. Whilst Raman’s 20+ years background in people and project management, operations and strategy, make her top notch at bringing new innovative products to market. They joined forces and built SupplyR Ltd, and with a shared love of a good cuppa, developed CupTea.

Q1. What inspired you to found the company? 

Like all good things, the beginnings of our company started with two mums chatting over a good cup of tea. You’ll hear the word ‘good’ a lot in what we say because it’s the basis of our ethos and drives us in everything that we do. We want people to ‘FEEL GOOD’ when they drink our fabulous tasting tea, wherever they are; ‘BE GOOD’ because of their decision to buy CupTea™️ which is compostable and plastic- free; and ultimately as a company, we want to ‘DO GOOD’ so we only supply ethical and sustainable products. 

Originally, we met at the school gate and soon discovered we had a lot in common, like that we both loved a delicious cup of tea (i.e. loose tea, not a plastic-fuelled bag of dust!) when on the go, which was pretty much impossible to find. So, we knew we had three problems to overcome when developing CupTea – convenience, quality and sustainability. 

Q2. How are you enriching your customers’ lives? 

We believe that many people have switched to coffee when travelling simply because you can‘t get a decent cup of tea that is convenient to drink on the go. After all, tea is in our nation’s blood, and we really think more people would choose it if they didn’t have the faff of what to do with a dripping tea bag filled with poor quality tea leaves. 

Also, CupTea helps tea-loving drinkers create those moments of mindfulness throughout their day, wherever they are. With CupTea it doesn’t matter if you’re hopping from meeting-to-meeting, or living from hotel-to-hotel – it allows you to take time out and savour that tea-drinking moment of loveliness wherever you are. 

CupTea helps tea-loving drinkers create those moments of mindfulness throughout their day, wherever they are.

Q3. What excites you the most about the future of tea? 

The future of premium, sustainable tea for everyday drinking is super exciting for us. Similarly to how high quality coffee has become a staple in our daily life, we see the availability of quality tea in a similar way, however with the added benefits of more variety and healthier outcomes. And although convenience often means compromising on being kind to our planet, we’re thrilled that there are innovations out there, like CupTea, which provide trouble-free convenience but in a sustainable way. 

Q4. Finally, tell us about your perfect tea moment.

We witnessed the perfect tea moment on a recent visit to China. The tea farm workers were sitting down for a break with a drink of tea using leaves picked just moments ago from a field a few meters away. It was amazing to witness; it was like watching a sacred ritual! It was a peaceful occasion as someone carefully selected the tea leaves and placed them in a delicate pot. They patiently allowed it to brew as we felt a sense of calm descend upon the group and the sweet aromas from the tea leaves fill the air. They sipped the tea as they enjoyed being present in the moment, chatting and laughing with each other. 

We noticed how they reused those same tea leaves several times throughout the day – they explained that because they were a certain type of organic leaf from the highest peaks, they were good to use time and time again, with the same strength, taste and aromas recurring with each steep. 

From that moment we knew we wanted to recreate that unique time for everyone, especially for those people back home leading a busy life on the go. Whenever we drink CupTea now, wherever we are, it conjures up that special occasion and reassures us of why we are committed to bringing CupTea to the nation. 

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