Valentine’s Day is on the horizon! Never fear, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. Take a look at our hand picked suggestions for the most romantic Valentine’s Day teas.

Goddess by The Amber Rose Tea Company

image credit: The Amber Rose Tea Company

For …the goddess in your life! We have just fallen head over heals with this gorgeous tea from The Amber Rose Tea Company. A blend of black and green teas with ginger, ginseng, passionfruit and red roses, decorated with pink sugar hearts. By the way, did you know that ginseng is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a ‘love life’ enhancer, particularly good for men 😉


Damask Rose Buds by Nazani Tea

image credit: Nazani Tea

The most famous of all roses, damask rose has been revered throughout history for its heavenly fragrance. Shakespeare even referenced his favourite flower in his romantic comedy Twelfth Night.  We were lucky enough to try this new addition to Nazani Tea’s luxurious infusions, and it is just sublime! Pure organic damask rosebuds, handpicked at 900m above sea level from the Troodos mountains of Cyprus. Definitely something a little special.


Flowering Tea Gift Set by The Tea Makers of London

image credit: The Tea Makers of London

Say it with flowers! What could be more romantic for a tea lover than a beautiful bundle of Flowering Teas? Each bulb is made from the finest quality Silver Needle green tea, hand tied and individually wrapped. We were mesmerised as we watched the bulb slowly unfurl in the Zenshi Glass Teapot included in the gift set. And tastes beautiful too!


Mango & Bergamot Gift Set by Whittard

image credit: Whittard

Did you know that mango is an aphrodisiac? Whittard’s Mango & Bergamot Gift Set is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day! Sencha green tea delicately blended with mango and bergamot flavours, scattered with rose, sunflower and blue cornflower petals looks so pretty as well as tasting fantastic. The gift set comes with a tin of yummy Chocolate Chip & Orange biscuits and a tea infuser.


Newby by Matthew Williamson Gift Set from Newby Teas

image credit: Newby Teas

Is your tea lover also a fashionista? Willing to push the boat out a bit? Then check out this beautiful Newby by Matthew Williamson Gift Set. British design meets exquisite teas in this keepsake ‘treasure chest’ which includes exclusive drawings from Matthew Williamson and three of Newby’s luxurious blends. We want one, please!


Love Potion by Bird and Blend

image credit: Bird and Blend

Perhaps you need an extra bit of magic to get that special someone to fall in love with you?! Bird and Blend have you covered with their Love Potion brew – an enchanting blend of Ceylon black tea, strawberry, chocolate, rose petals and candy love hearts. Give it a try!


So, no excuse now! Surprise your special someone with a beautiful tea gift. 


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