What do you get when you cross an age old tradition with precision modern engineering? The answer is the Tea Maker from Sage Appliances. A brewing device which is entirely hands free and can make any tea to the perfect temperature. 

It controls the water temperature and brewing time to give you the perfect cuppa every time. All you need to do is put the leaves in, push a button and it takes care of the rest. 

The perfect gift for any tea lover this Christmas it is a great addition to any home to get the perfect cuppa!

In our mission to get every home in the U.K. to we have teamed up with Sage Appliances to offer a Christmas special of 20% off to the National Tea Day network. This means you will get £39.99 off so it will cost just £159.96 (RRP: £199.95)

An exclusive collaboration between


We want every home in the U.K. to have access to on demand premium tea. This is why we have partnered with Sage Appliances to offer a substantial discount. 

This is an amazing present for any tea lover in your life. Or if you have all of your gifts sorted why not treat yourself! 

It is the ideal device for when you are hosting as well, its large capacity means that you can easily perfectly brew for all of your friends and spend your time talking and not making tea in the kitchen.  20% off now using the code which saves you £39.99 (RRP: £199.95)

This is a limited time discount so be sure to get your hands on it as soon as possible! 

Get yours now only on the official Sage Appliances website at the button below. If you love tea then we guarantee you will just love the Tea Maker. 

Get it now.

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