And here we are, The Great British Bake Off 2019, one of the most popular programmes on our shores! A showcase for one of the greatest experiences of autumn – the proliferation of baked goods. 

The chill in the air and the shorter days practically beg for something sweet and doughy with a cup of tea of course 😉 . Seriously, is anything more comforting than the warm, sweet smell of a freshly baked cake or cookie? As a tea-m of tea enthusiasts, we have been drooling over The Great British Bake Off with an eye toward tea pairings. 

This year’s competition is especially fierce. There have already been so many great moments this season. Here at National Tea Day we love bold flavours, unexpected combinations and oh so delicate tasting notes. As a fan, it’s a tough job to pick just a few of the delicious cakes to pair our teas with, but we thought we’d give it a try. So without further ado, we present our standouts of the season so far!

Carrot and Walnut Fairy’s House  


Made by Michelle the Carrot and Walnut Fairy’s House is just too cute! Sturdy, robust and full-flavoured, we think  Spiced Rooibos  pairs very nicely. The luxurious and strong nature of the rooibos compliments the nutty, earthy and sweet flavours in the cake. 

Chocolate and Coconut New Zealand Lamb


The second cake that we just couldn’t resist is the totally yummy Chocolate and Coconut New Zealand Lamb made by Alice. The complimentary relationship between chocolate and coconut offers the possibility of a broad selection of teas, such as  White tea or Sencha . However, you should really try traditional  Japanese Matcha Tea. We just love this pairing 🙂 

Sour Lime Pina Colada


Last but certainly not least is this fabulous Sour Lime Pina Colada cake by Steph . Pina Colada, yes! In cake form? With sour lime, no less… sign us up! The perfect cup of tea to pair with these zingy tropical flavours has to be a Roasted Oolong which itself has undertones of ripe peach and lychee.


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