*Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep* You stare at the ceiling for 15 minutes dreading leaving the cosy warmth of your duvet. Then quickly into the shower and out the door. 

Sound familiar?

If you’re not a morning person like me, then this is probably just what your morning rush to work looks like. By the time you’ve made yourself look far more awake than you feel, there isn’t really time for breakfast let alone a brew. 

There are two solutions that might prevent you sacrificing your morning cuppa. Right, so imagine you’re in that Netflix film Bandersnatch now. You can either:  

  1. Take your tea with you
  2. Get tea on the way 

Both have their pros and their cons. But the real solution is having a reusable cup! With so many around nowadays it makes tea on the go so much easier, cheaper but most importantly better for the environment! 

If you do have time in your morning routine to quickly flick the kettle on, then this is a cheap solution means you can have your tea just how you like it on your morning commute. There’s also nothing better than walking to work with your hands clutched around a warm cup of tea. 

With Starbucks, Costa and other chains offering more and more variety, it’s becoming easier for tea-lovers like you and me to grab a morning brew on the way into work. As well as this, if you bring along your reusable cup you could save yourself anything from 25p-50p too. If there’s anything I love more than tea, it’s a bargain! If you do this regularly, you could not only pay off your pretty cup but you’re preventing single use cups polluting the environment too. 

Did you know only 1% of the 7 million disposable cups we use DAILY in the U.K. end up being recycled? 

With Frank Green, Keep Cup, Chilli Bottles and many more companies offering you total freedom to choose shape, style & size you can customise you cup to suit you.  So there’s really no excuse! Just chuck one in your handbag or backpack and you’re good to go.

I mean, I’m not sure why people insist on calling them reusable “coffee” cups, because they’re just as useful for tea! Especially with companies such as T2 offering cups & accessories to make brewing on the go that little bit easier. 

These are just a couple of their amazing Tea 2 Go products:

So, if your scatty in the mornings like me, want to help the environment or simply like a cup to compliment your outfit, we could all benefit from investing in a reusable cup or two. 

It’ll not only make your life easier, save you some money and help the environment, but it’ll mean you can enjoy tea out and about and honestly, what’s better than all that?