Here is how tea can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle…

It is possible that ‘diet’ is one of the most overused words on social media these days, and ‘lifestyle’ one of the most underused. Many a successful diet has been followed by a few days of over indulgence undoing all your great work.

A healthy lifestyle however is easily maintained and delivers continuous results. To understand how tea can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle we caught up with Sara Holtby at Fruiteatox.

Sara gave us some of her top tips on the role tea has to play in healthy living, and how they can help you…

Why is tea the perfect beverage to aide a healthy lifestyle?

Tea is a perfect beverage to aide a healthy lifestyle because it is hydrating.  It contains no calories so it’s better to drink than other soft drinks and energy drinks which contain high levels of sugar.


Natural teas can also have health benefits according to what they are blended from, for example a cup of Fruiteatox Daytox has a blend of ingredients which gives a boost to your day, and makes you feel fuller for longer, while the Fruiteatox Sleeptox contains ingredients to soothe and relax, giving a good night’s sleep.

What tips do you have for people just starting out on a healthy lifestyle and looking to incorporate tea?

Find a tea you like!


It’s important to get the best taste from your tea.  We recommend always using freshly boiled water. After boiling, wait a couple of minutes before pouring on herbal teas so that it does not scorch the leaves.  Generally infuse for about 4 minutes, although this can be shorter or longer depending on taste.


Teas are versatile – try them hot or cold, maybe with extra fruit added for a change.  Maybe use them in a recipe.  We suggest using chilled Fruiteatox Daytox as a base for smoothie recipes.

What tips do you have who worry about a diet plan being too plain for them?

We do not advocate a diet plan – but promote a healthy eating regime together with an exercise plan.  There are plenty of healthy options and combinations of food which make mealtimes interesting, colourful and tasty.

Is it better to think about healthy teas as a diet or a lifestyle? 

It’s definitely not a diet!

It’s about health and wellbeing, feeling good from within.  Enjoying natural ingredients to enhance life’s rich pattern!

So there we have it, top tips to remember include: using tea to stay hydrated, incorporating tea into smoothie recipes for extra nutrition and most of all keep your healthy lifestyle tasty!

By having tasty products as part of your healthy lifestyle plan you are much more likely to stick to it!

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