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Ridiculously Rich by Alana 

Under the guiding hand of our head cake-maker Alana Spencer, the baking team at Ridiculously Rich (fondly referred to as our loyal ‘Oompa-Loompas’) are endlessly devoted to deliciousness. Our approach in the kitchen is perfectionist, experimental, flavour-obsessed, and motivated by all things indulgent.

We’re proudly picky when it comes to refining our cake recipes. Developed by Alana over years of kitchen research (that is, tasting and trialling all sorts of scrumptiously sweet stuff) the cakes in our signature collection are meticulously hand-crafted in Wales from the finest ingredients. Imagine divinely dark Belgian chocolate, giant marshmallows, homemade butterscotch, locally-farmed free range eggs and silky salted caramel – mmm! Our lives have been shaped by baking and we love sharing our passion for ridiculously delicious cakes with fellow treat lovers everywhere.

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The Lost Tea  

The Lost Tea Company helps to bring a range of both edible fermented tea and drinking tea from the hills of Shan State, Myanmar to the UK. Our product is also stocked in tourist locations in Myanmar.

We are implementing various initiatives, whilst also working with independent organisations to ensure that this a transparent and sustainable operation. The Lost Tea Company has a presence in the UK and Myanmar. Find us at food markets in London and also in shops across Myanmar. Our aim is to make ‘lah pet’ accessible for all and to share the delicious tea of Pindaya. 

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Elizabeth Shaw

With over 130 years of chocolate-making heritage, Elizabeth Shaw will always stay true to Elizabeth’s original vision: creating beautiful chocolate experiences, with a luxurious twist. Elizabeth always enjoyed cooking for her family, especially sweet treats. One of her favourites (and the family’s) was a mint-flavoured chocolate honeycomb crisp. This was the very first Mint Crisp. When they went on sale in her brother-in-law’s shop, she couldn’t keep up with demand. Little did Elizabeth know how far it would go…

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Brioche Pasquier

We have continued to bake our traditional Brioche Roll that has become one of our most iconic brioche products.
We use only the finest ingredients to make a tasty, airy milk brioche roll that is perfect for all of the family.

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‘We launched Biscuiteers in 2007 with the mission to offer a more unique, stylish and personalised gifting solution under the banner why send flowers when you can send Biscuiteers?  

From the very beginning we worked with artists, people who understood the design aesthetic we wanted to create and would enjoy the time and care that goes into making beautiful presents.  One of the marvellous thing about biscuits – apart from eating them of course – is their flexibility. They are truly a blank canvas on which to express your creativity. We think there is absolutely a biscuit for every occasion and have spent the last 10 years testing that theory! The business has grown enormously but we still make and ice our biscuits in exactly the same way. They are all handmade and part of the excitement has been building a business based on old fashioned production techniques. Every single biscuit is lovingly made from the start to finish and each one is therefore totally individual.’

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Hermesetas offers a range of products suited for your daily needs, so that you can keep enjoying sweetness, but without the unwanted calories. While one product is ideal for sweetening your tea or coffee, another can be sprinkled on cereals and desserts, and a third is perfect for cooking and baking. Wherever you go and whatever you do: you can always have your favourite great tasting sweetener at hand.

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Sawley Kitchen

Robin and Nicky Jaques would like to introduce The Sawley Kitchen. We are a independent Yorkshire company specializing in hand crafted delights, baked in the traditional manner, using family recipes some 200 years old.

Nicky Jaques , that’s me! originally trained as a Baker with Bettys in the early 1980’s where I was lucky enough to hold the position of Manager at Bedale Bakery and Assistant Manager at  Kings Bakery Ripon.  Meanwhile Robin, my husband and business partner was in the hospitality industry, running famous Yorkshire landmarks such as The Bull at Broughton and The Windmill at Linton.

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Connie’s Carrot Cake 

Connie is the Chief Baker and owner. Her love for baking started in her mother’s kitchen, watching her put a bit of this and a bit of that into her mix. Connie became curious about those wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and that was the beginning of the journey.  She started baking her own cakes adding her own magical twist to create something special…

The carrot cakes are like precious babies.  From the day Connie discovered the recipe, she knew she could make it grow into something different, experimenting with a multitude of combinations of flavours and spices. 

Baking for Connie, comes from the heart, it makes her smile to see people eating and enjoying her cakes.

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Bettys & Taylors 

Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate is an independent family business, passionate about some of the finer things in life – beautiful tea rooms, handmade cakes, traditional breads, proper tea and top quality coffee. We’re the business behind Yorkshire Tea, Taylors of Harrogate coffee and the famous Bettys Café Tea Rooms.

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