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Equinox Kombucha  


We are a British company crafting organic, sustainable and awarding winning kombucha for all to enjoy. Refresh, Rebalance and Revitalise: Ourselves, Our Community and Our Environment.


The UK government has reported that organic farming is better for wildlife, causes lower pollution from sprays, produces less carbon dioxide and reduces the risks of global warming.

If you want to make healthy changes in your lifestyle whilst helping the environment, we would recommend choosing organic products.

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Fitch Brew 

The FITCH brand name and mark was born straight from our co-founder’s family coat of arms. FITCH was started out of passion by Emily & Andy to do more with soft drinks inspired by a trip to the US. Emily’s background in the drinks industry and Andy’s passion for Startups gives them the drive and passion for FITCH.

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GUTsy Captain Kombucha  

Peter and Matus’ vision has always been to create the best tasting healthy drinks, giving everyone the choice to change to alternative healthy, natural and organic drinks, without compromising taste and satisfaction.
Kombucha has been known for centuries as the “immortal health elixir”.
We proudly follow the original recipe: green tea fermented with our own culture of live bacteria and yeast (SCOBY).
We only use high quality, natural ingredients. That’s how we get authentic 100% Kombucha. And we do it in such a way that we get a delicious and fresh drink.
We want to inspire you to become the captain of your life.
We believe that what we put in our engine affects our overall wellbeing.
So, wave goodbye to artificial drinks and try our GUTsy Captain Kombucha.

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Mighty Brew

In 2016, we fell in love with the craft of brewing fermented kombucha and this love has evolved into Mighty Brew Kombucha. Our brewery can be found in a little corner of the Hampshire countryside, just outside the historic city of Winchester. We take great pride in respecting time-honoured techniques to create the purest raw, unpasteurised form of this fermented botanical marvel. Every ounce of goodness is retained, leaving our kombucha bursting with life. For us it is a quest to understand and value what the Earth offers us with open hands. We truly believe in the nurturing power of the Organic ingredients and natural botanicals that we use to produce our Mighty Brew Kombucha. Our kombucha is made using advanced RO purifiers and alkaline water filters for purity and is free from all artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and GMOs. It’s bottled in recyclable glass with BPA free lids. Certified Soil Association Organic and Vegan Certified.

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Kashmiri Tea House 

Many of you outside of our sleepy Himalayan Valley will have never heard of Kashmir or its centuries old tea recipes. Our mission is to share these incredible flavours with you.
From Kashmir, to London, to the world.
Join us as we sip the mountains.
Founder Asma Bandey moved to London in 2003 and went in search of a beverage that spoke to her busy city lifestyle needs : cold brew teas that are delicious, low in sugar, calories and caffeine. Despite living in one of the wellness capitals of the world, nothing really ticked these boxes. So she decided to make one.
Borrowing from her heritage through the verdant valley of Kashmir and Himalayan tea traditions which date back to the 15th Century; Asma took her passion for great tasting soft drinks and built Kashmiri Tea House to make a range of Botanical Cold Brew Elixirs in Saffron, Rose & Pomegranate.
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