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Our mission is to help you explore and discover the wonderful world of tea and infusions.

We believe tea is the bringer together of people. We want to help you find more special tea moments. Tea and infusions come in so many different guises, they can be drank hot, cold and used to create sophisticated cocktails and mocktails. Who just got thirsty?

It all started with our founder Marco. He was wondering why there wasn’t a day to celebrate tea, so decided to create one! In 2016 #NationalTeaDay was born. The date to be was 21st April, which also coincides with Her Majesty The Queen’s birthday. How very British!

A year later there was a tea-m formed which rapidly grew as did National Tea Day’s communi-tea. 2017 saw the inaugural FesTeaVal, a haven for Britain’s tea lovers and an event that would change the perception of tea and infusions in the UK for ever…….

As our communi-tea’s intrigue blossomed, so did National Tea Day’s dedication to being the coolest, most accessible and tas-tea network for tea lovers both modern and traditional.

From events, recipes, beau-tea tips, to tea pairings and afternoon tea reviews, we are your friends in tea 😉

Working with tea companies, snack providers, tea ware specialists, retailers, hotels, cafes, restaurants, chefs and bar tenders, we are brewing a tea revolution for you to savour!

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We’re honoured to support Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity, to help bring people together over a cup of tea. Together, we’re raising awareness around the benefits of sharing a cup of tea with friends or family to talk about whatever’s on your mind.

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