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13th – 14th April – Tobacco Dock, East London
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Changing the perception of tea

The quintessential British lifestyle event, FesTeaVal, is re-imaging what tea can be!
Join us as we venture into a delightful and immersive world of modernist tea and help reignite Britain’s passion for tea!

What you can expect at FesTeaVal

We’re so excited about what we have in store for you at FesTeaVal 2019! It’s all about the immersive tea experience this year. Rebalance with tea and meditation, learn about tea and sustainability or experience the ultimate modernist afternoon tea. And when it all gets a bit too much cool off with an iced tea at the beach. There will of course be tea tasting aplenty with a host of artsianal tea brands for you to discover.

Blind tea tasting

Refine your tea tasting pallet with Blind Tea Tasting! Go from a tea-lover to a tea-aficionado with this immersive experience. Tea will never taste the same again, as you can explore a new world of tea flavours. Get the competitive juices flowing with your mates by guessing what type of tea you’re tasting too.

Sustainabili-tea cycling

We’ve taken ‘Re-Cycling’ very literally and created a ‘Sustainabili-tea Cycling’ experience to get you peddling! Hop on and watch how tea can compost before your eyes. Help the environment and then treat yourself with an afternoon tea- you’ve earned it!

Med-tea-tation and yoga

We’re firm believers that tea-time is me-time! Escape from the hustle and bustle of life at our Med-Tea-Tation and Yoga space. Learn how incorporating certain teas can improve your wellbeing on a daily basis, while immersing in this relaxing experience and trying new types of tea. This is an experience that will change the way you see tea forever!

Afternoon Tea Runway  

Have Afternoon Tea like you’ve never had it before! Indulge in modern snacks, sandwiches and teas, all brought to you by Airhostesses. Our themed Afternoon Tea Runway will transform the way you see traditional tea-taking.

Creativi-tea Kitchen

Tea is the new wine! Our Chefs at Creativi-Tea Kitchen will demonstrate how tea can be used not only as an ingredient but as an ideal accompaniment to tasty dishes. This tantalising experience will show how tea can compliment and contrast flavours to inspire your own home cooking!

Teatime with Mind

We’re so honoured to be partnered with Mind with 10% of every ticket purchase going to their great work. With Mental Health such a prevalent issue, we wanted to do our bit to help too. So, we’ve created a comfortable, open space where people can chat to Mind over a cuppa.

The library of tea

Sssshhh! You’re in the library of tea. With tea’s ability to relax and increase concentration, we wanted to create an environment for you to experience this for yourself.  So, flick through a book, sit back and sip.

Cuppa Comedy

Why did the teapot cross the road? To get to Cuppa Comedy of course! This hilarious show will have you spilling your tea in laughter. Warm your spirits with a free brew and a joke or two.

The Ins-tea-gram wall

Visit our beautiful ‘Ins-Tea-Gram Wall.’ This wall of shiny tea caddies will provide the perfect background for any selfie. All that’s left to do is grab your mates, strike a pose and upload to your Insta!

Fairtrade par-tea with Clipper

Let’s Par-tea! Wander around Clipper Tea’s immersive space as you enjoy some tasty tea pairings. Satisfy not only your tastebuds, but your curiosity too by learning more about Clipper’s Fairtrade teas.

Sip & Solitude wireless cuppa

Unplug and entice your taste buds with our Sip & Solitude Wireless Cuppa. Nowadays, constantly bombarded by notifications, emails and calls, this interactive experience will provide a peaceful environment, where you can taste tea and disconnect from all the noise of everyday life.

Vitali-tea Veranda

With Easter fast approaching and its inevitable chocolate overload, take some time to sample some healthy sweet treats! Tea’s health benefits are vast, ranging from weight loss to aiding concentration. Our Vitali-Tea Veranda will show you how you can incorporate tea and snacks into your lifestyle to make you feel happier and healthier!

Iced Tea Beach

Are you in Florida or at FesTeaVal? Our Iced Tea Beach will have you asking yourself this as you soak in some sun and sip at sweet cold brews. Relax, try new teas and enjoy the London skyline while chatting with your friends.

And even more great
events on the day!
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This is the perfect
event for you…..

This is the perfect event for you if you adore tea, are a mindful soul, love new experiences, care about your wellbeing and about our planet.

Who will be there

Find out about the brands who will be coming along to inspire us. Below are just a few who will be there to share in the day!

“It was tea heaven, the best quality tea and friendly vendors. Plus tea cocktails… I mean really, what more could you ask for!”

– Ophelia, Chesham Buckinghamshire –

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We’re honoured to be partnered with Mind with 10% of every FesTeaVal ticket purchase going to their great work. With mental health such a prevalent issue, we wanted to do our bit to help. We strongly believe that tea is a social drink and want to get people talking again over a cup of tea.
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