There is nothing more difficult than trying to second guess what your customers would want to buy – after all taste is subjective. To help guide you on which products could work for your establishment we are doing the sampling for you.

Each month our network of 100 tea tasters are sent 3 samples and provide us with anonymous honest feedback about each tea.
This month the 3 teas were Green Lady No 1 Sparkling Tea, Pukka English Breakfast Tea and Newby Oriental Sencha Tea.

Tea No 1: Green Lady No 1 Sparkling Tea

A slightly different tea to most as it comes cold and ready to drink in a sleek 250ml bottle. Our tea tasters seemed to embrace the concept with it scoring well, key stats:

  • On a 1-10 scale it scored an average of 8.1
  • The most popular comments about it described it as ‘refreshing’ and ‘crisp’
  • As you’ll see in the table 25% respondents said they would ‘definitely’ buy it if it was served in an establishment near them and 42% likely
  • 13% said they would be ‘very unlikely’ and 13% said ‘unlikely’ they would buy it
  • Overall the response seems to be a mighty whopping yes to this tea!

Tea Number 2: Pukka English Breakfast Tea

Pukka are most renowned for their herbal blends but their English Breakfast Tea is lesser known and we wanted to get feedback from our tasters about what they thought about it. The key stats were as follows:

  • It scored an average of 7.8 out of 10 on taste
  • Most common comments said that it had a pleasant and strong floral flavour although some just felt it tasted very similar to other breakfast teas
  • As you’ll notice from the feedback, this tea really polarised our tasters, 40% went as far as to say they would ‘Definitely’ buy it if it was served in an establishment near them and another 21% said it was ‘Likely’
  • There were those who didn’t like the blend however with 22% stating it unlikely they would purchase it.

Overall this tea performed really well and with so many out there saying they would ‘definitely’ buy it certainly one to consider for your menu

Tea Number 3: Newby Oriental Sencha

Being a green tea, this is best brewed at 80 degrees and comes from the delightful range at Newby Teas. We wanted to see how our tasters received a slightly different blend away from the comfort of English Breakfast, here are the key stats:

  • It scored an average of 7.5 on the 1-10 tasting scale
  • Top comments included, ‘light’, ‘aromatic’, ‘fresh’ and ‘fruity’
  • A lot also said how they didn’t normally like green tea but felt differently about this one
  • A whopping 52% of respondents said they would ‘maybe’ buy it if it was served in an establishment near them with 19% ‘Definitely’ and 14% ‘Likely’
  • Only 4% were ‘Very Unlikely’ and 11% ‘Unlikely’
  • Clearly one which evoked mixed feelings among most respondents with the general feeling being they didn’t normally drink green tea but that this one really challenge their expectations

So there we have it folks – the results of this month’s taster club. Overall each tea was really well received with substantial segments of the tasters all wanting to see each of the teas activated in venues near them.

Do you want to request samples of any (or all) or the teas featured in this months taster club? Email and we will get them on the way to you!

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