What exactly is the Tea Revolution and what does it mean for tea taking in the UK?

The Tea Revolution is alive and well, sweeping through the United Kingdom as we speak. People from Land’s End to John O’Groats are waking up, popping on their kettle and reaching for new types of tea today.

Although people are drinking less tea, they are switching their bog-standard brew for more exotic flavours and better-quality loose leaf. People are trying green teas, herbals and even pushing the boat out with Matcha, Tumeric and Beetroot lattes! 

So, what is causing this switch in tea consumption?

Millennials, thanks in part to social media, are far more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies. Tea’s wellness benefits are available at a “ok google.” From boosting concentration, to helping you sleep or even improving digestion, tea naturally aids our bodily functions. 

As well as being more aware of tea’s health benefits, the modern tea drinker is more mindful of where their leaves are coming from. Previously, buying cheaper tea meant not only questionable quality but questionable origins too. But with information at the touch of a button, people want reassurance their tea not only tastes good, but does good for the environment and people producing it too. 

Both inside and outside of the home, caffeine-conscious people are bravely switching from coffee to tea. Cafes around the U.K. are increasingly accommodating this too, by offering a wide selection of teas and lattes for customers to try. 

Afternoon tea is also becoming an increasingly immersive, fashionable and sociable experience. You can grab your gals, get dressed up and snap some pics of your tasty afternoon tea to upload to Insta. With innovative venues now offering exciting themes to suit every fandom, flavour pallet and friendship group, it’s no surprise that this traditional pastime has had a breath of new life. 

From cold brewing, using tea in your bakes & cakes, to pairing it with dishes like a wine; tea’s versatility is finally be recognised by people just like you. 

What’s next for the Tea Revolution? 

Although people are starting to explore the world of tea, this is only the tip of the iceberg. New blends and beverages are constantly entering the market daily. For example, vegetable teas have recently started to gain a lot of popularity as an alternative to fruit infusions. 

As tea is constantly evolving it can be hard to keep up. With complicated brewing temperature and new tea-taking trends, National Tea Day want to make sure that you’re as up-to-date as you can be. By following us on social media you can be kept informed and inspired, to hopefully transform your own tea drinking habits too! 

FesTeaVal is also a brilliant opportunity to get hands on with the Tea Revolution. It’s the perfect chance to experience exactly how it’s changing the industry by meeting trail-blazing tea brands, trying new exciting flavours and learning loads too through our interactive activities. 

Although tea has always been an established part of our culture here in the U.K., we are finally seeing tea’s true potential. No longer satisfied by simply a Breakfast tea, with milk and two sugars, tea-lovers everywhere are rising up and demanding better brews. Will you? 

Join the Tea Revolution today!