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Reignite Your Passion

‘Reignite Your Passion’ by National Tea Day is a 6 month campaign which will change consumers perception of the tea experience for ever. By utilising multiple channels the campaign will impact consumer behaviour driving both positive engagement and sales. Through a shared mission involving both multinational and artisan brands we have the mission to change consumer perceptions of tea. The campaign will take consumers on a journey from Press and ATL impressions to in-hand sampling taking them from awareness to purchase.    

Reigniting Britain’s passion for tea

The objective of the campaign is to reignite Britain’s passion for tea, getting the U.K. excited again about a great quality tea experience. This will done in the following three ways:

Changing perceptions

For to long the tea experience has been seen as old fashioned, we want to change it to an occasion of great taste, wellness and quality. 

Changing habits

We want to get people used to thinking about their tea experience and choosing quality and sustainabilty products.

Changing how we communcate

Through our partnership with mental health charity Mind we want to get people talking again over a cup of tea. 

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We’re honoured to be partnered with Mind with 10% of every FesTeaVal ticket purchase going to their great work. With mental health such a prevalent issue, we wanted to do our bit to help. We strongly believe that tea is a social drink and want to get people talking again over a cup of tea.
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