Welcome to Britain’s Best Tea Guide Edition 5 – Celebrate the season with something new!

Your guide to which products are a must try this season!

We admit we are a little obsessed with tea but there’s so much to love about it!  Not only are there all these tast-tea drinks but all the other fabulous treats that can go with it.  Here’s our latest discoveries to inspire you to find a new favourite.


Tea can help you on your journey to be a better you and this week’s products certainly do that. The point of Vitali-Tea is to help you be a better you by feeling better, and with tea the first thing we put to our lips in the morning where better place to start. This weeks products are there to help you ditch the diet and start a lifestyle.
Loose Leaf Tea of the Exotic Variety 

the Amber Rose TEA COMPANY White Secret

This exotic and unusual blend of loose leaf tea uses tea from Nepal and China.  It blends rare White Nepalese Spring tea from the Jasbir mountain region with the Green Snow Buds Chinese tea.

The result is a tea that is light and sweet while also being very high in antioxidants.  The blend is just one of the loose-leaf blends on offer from Amber Rose Tea Co offering the best in exotic tea varieties.

Never get caught without that ingredient


The future is now: you can get anything delivered to your door, and that includes groceries. Start your morning right by pairing your breakfast tea with some A-plus produce from Riverford Organic Farms. Prepare to upgrade your oatmeal and super boost your smoothies with these delivery boxes that bring fresh fruits straight from the farm to your table.


Riverford Organic Farms go above and beyond the kale of duty to bring you boxes that pack a powerhouse of nutrients – delivering salad gold every time. Step up and live life on the veg!


The amount of brilliant afternoon teas out there mean that we are asking the question, ‘Why aren’t there more days in the week?’ – we are going to get a petition going!

The afternoon craze has been steeping the nation and to help you choose the best one for you we have 3 of our favourites listed here:

For our full list of associated venues go to TeaNearMe.co.uk

Afternoon tea with

a special blend

Cliveden House

Set in the heart of the Berkshire countryside, surrounded by 376 acres of National Trust managed Grade 1 listed formal gardens and parkland, Cliveden has wonderful panoramic views over the River Thames and is one of the world’s finest stately homes near London and Heathrow.

A perfectly prepared selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones with home-made jam and clotted cream, miniature delectable bite-size cakes, pastries and delicacies, our famous Cliveden fruit cake and full-bodied and aromatic Cliveden blend teas.


The proper modern afternoon

tea at Lord Byron’s place

Colwick Hall

Located just a couple of miles down the road from the hustle and bustle of city centre Nottingham, discover Colwick Hall’s “Byron’s Brasserie”, serving great British food in a classic English setting. The former ancestral home of Lord Byron adorns heaps of history with first quality food to match its grandeur.

Our Afternoon Tea offers a generous selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones with different varieties of teas or coffees for a more modern touch. A mouth-watering journey of savoury and sweet with a few twists along the way. There is no better place to enjoy afternoon tea – whatever the occasion may be!

Handcrafted teas & champagne

– tea with a difference

The Rosewood

The Afternoon Tea experience at The Hyde is more intimate and luxurious than just scones and cream – it can actually begin with a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne or maybe a cocktail from the bar’s award winning mixologist.

From signature English Breakfast Teas produced by the last independent, family-run tea garden in the mountains of Malawi, hand-crafted Dragon Well Long Jing Green Teas, pressed into the shape of a feather, fine sandwiches, The Hyde’s speciality Lemon Curd and towers of Macarons, all served on the finest Bone China, specially created by Narumi of Japan.


Fresh ‘n’ Tast-tea

We are always on the look out for new innovations in tea – after all, with so many thousands of varieties of teas out there why drink the same old cuppa everyday? The products we list in this section are teas which we recommend you add to your wish list and be sure to check out at Fes-Tea-Val! Some products are about innovating the very way we take tea whilst other products are unique single estate teas which you are unlikely to have ever tried. We think the key to being a tea lover is having an open mind and trying new products – if you try any of our recommendations take a photo and be sure to tag us on social media @Nationalteaday.
Nutritious, colourful and Instagram ready

Innate Foods

Here at National Tea Day, we like to stay on the cutting edge of snack development – that’s why we’re perpetually impressed by the scrumptious creations from Innate Foods. We love these most delectable and Instagrammable of savoury squares that synthesize science and natural flavours.

With rich flavours like beetroot, butternut, and spinach & coconut these tea-side nibbles are truly delicious and nutritious. The perfect accompaniment to your favourite fruity blend, these guarantee a colourful tea party every time.

Give yourself the treat you deserve

Mighty Fine Things

What’s in a name? At MightyFineThings, the name says it all.

You herb it here first: their products are made in small batches to ensure every ounce of flavour imparted is mighty fine. From fruity vinegars to coxy liqueurs, Kentish fruits and honey join forces for some seriously zes-tea seasoning – a truly reliable sauce.

If you’re anything like us here at NTD HQ, you won’t be able to pick just one. Have a crate time choosing your favourites, thanks to their customizable gift boxes. Why not treat yourself? You deserve it.


Tea is fashionable. It is good for you, much trendier than coffee and there is so much more scope to be original compared to other drinks! Whilst we love writing about which teas to drink, once you have your cuppa ready why not take a minute to think about how you can look sheek in the Bou-tea-que. Tea after all is a stalwart of British culture, of socialising and of fashion back up your gourmet tea with a look to match.
Get a protein hit in a unique way

Cricke Food

Adventurous foodies, prepare for a dine-a-mite dinner experience. You’ve heard of matcha powder, protein powder, and powdered sugar – now get ready to taste the culinary power of powdered insects. Packed with protein and Vitamin B12, these chirping insects are taking the food world by storm.

Crické is out here challenging culinary social norms with their intimate dining experiences. Expect insects: the crackers, pasta, and breads are made with cricket flower. This is the future of food sustainabili-tea.

Never steep your tea too long again

The Hope & Glory

Here at National Tea Day, we take our tea time very seriously – and our tea timing even more so.

That’s why the Pyramid Tea Personal Gift selection is high up on our wish list. The collection features 28 tea pyramids in your favourite flavour and must-have tea accessories: we’re talking teapots, cups, saucers, stainless steel tea strainers, and, most importantly, the perfect tea timer.

There’s no better way to ensure your tea is steeped to perfection every time than with these tea-ny tiny hourglasses. Never again will your incompetent intern serve up a weak cup. This handy set is virtually foolbrewf.


This weeks recommendations for Tea ‘n’ Tipple are some unique twists on absolute classics. This is what in our view, Tea ‘n’ Tipple is all about, innovation and experimentation on existing ideas! The idea that it was tea or alcohol long consigned to the past and now we can look forward to the age of Tea AND Tipple. The fact is that tea has an incredible amount in common with wine as they both share similar flavour profiles and we really recommend learning with wine in order to improve your tea palate. The wonderful array of tea flavours mean that it can infuse Gins, Rums, Whiskeys and Vodka’s for an incredible twist of classic combinations. Be sure to experiment at home, take a photo and tag us @Nationalteaday.
Sample gins from a unique setting

The Little Gin Company

From a love of all things gin comes The Little Gin Company. The Little Gin Company was launched at the start of 2015 by old school friends, Emma and Nicola…

We’re gin loving ladies who have spent many a time sampling the gin delights on offer in our local town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Now a little older (and wiser?), we have decided to turn our love of gin into an exciting business venture, to share our passion for gin with others through The Little Gin Company.

Building on our unique and creative style we decided to lovingly convert a retro-style horse trailer into a rustic yet boutique style mobile gin bar, to serve the gin-loving community with a selection of locally distilled and speciality gins. Top of our menu these days is also our very own ‘Trailer Made Gin’!

The gin experience also extends beyond the mobile bar as we are able to offer gin tasting experiences suitable for any occasion; be that a corporate function, hen do or just an excuse to get together and drink gin.

We will be bringing our lovingly converted horse trailer gin bar to The National Tea Day Fes-Tea-Val; serving a delicious selection of artisan gins as G&Ts and Gin Cocktails, with some specially themed cocktails for Fes-Tea-Val goers.

Fruitcakes that pack a real punch

Tipple Tails

Have your tipple and eat it, too: these fancy fruitcakes are absolutely loaded with liquor. Tipple Tails is a culinary company dedicated to challenging the negative stereotypes surrounding this sturdy dessert.


The history of the illustrious fruitcake can be traced all the way back to Ancient Rome, but Tipple Tails puts a modern twist on a classic with ingredients like Jamaica Ginger Cake liqueur and candied cherries.

The perfect pairing for an iced tea (Long Island or otherwise), these delicious fruitcakes will bake your day.


Yes, tea is always on our mind! Once our appetite for tea is satisfied however our mind always turns towards what the best possible accompaniment will be! We do love the classic combination of a biscuit and English Breakfast tea but often we love to experiment too.

Whether it is biscuits, bakery, cakes or even Ice Cream there are so many incredible flavour combinations you can create by sampling different snacks with different tea.

After all what tastes amazing with a Darjeeling will have a very different profile with a Rooibos!

Try the latest bespoke cake flavours

from around the world

Ann’s Designer Cakes

Leading artisan cake company, Ann’s Designer Cakes, have been making cakes of distinction for over twenty years and are thrilled to be making their debut appearance at The National Tea Day event this year.

Renowned for their highly personalised service with inclusive design consultation and sample tasting, Ann’s Designer Cakes will be selling an extensive selection of their delicious cakes over the weekend in a multitude of flavours that will most definitely go down a treat with a good cup of tea.

At Ann’s Designer Cakes, we believe that there can be so much more to our cakes than the design, which is why we are so excited to focus on and celebrate our infamous cake flavours over the National Tea Day event.

We are passionate when it comes to exploring new ideas and tastes, discovering flavours from all over the world, with just one thing in common- they all taste superb. A lot of research and time is put into experimenting with an array of ingredients to ensure that each one perfectly compliments the other one. From Mango & Passionfruit, Banana & Cinamon to Red Velvet, Pistachio & Honey and Cookies & Cream, to name just a few, there will be an abundance mouth-watering flavours available for the whole family to enjoy at the event or to take home with you.

Tastiest Sugar Fix to

Enjoy with Your Tea

Scrumptious Creams

Tea isn’t complete without a sweet treat to go with it and Scrumptious Cakes offer plenty to choose from.  Their ranges include four-inch cakes, cake slices and cupcakes as well as macarons.

Cakes are all handmade and hand decorated, looking almost too pretty to eat.  But we are sure you will manage!  The company also offer a range of cakes for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.


Yes, tea is always on our mind! Once our appetite for tea is satisfied however our mind always turns towards what the best possible accompaniment will be! We do love the classic combination of a biscuit and English Breakfast tea but often we love to experiment too.

Whether it is biscuits, bakery, cakes or even Ice Cream there are so many incredible flavour combinations you can create by sampling different snacks with different tea. After all what tastes amazing with a Darjeeling will have a very different profile with a Rooibos!

Spice up your meal with the right marinade

Zims Tribe marinades

Marinades are the perfect way to add to a meal and the Zims Tribe marinades are all about the chilli.

They have four different strengths of marinade that can be used as a base for sauce, a relish, dip, accompaniment or even a pizza base as well as a marinade for meat and vegetables.  Give your dish some extra kick with these high quality marinades.

Get a simple sauce for the tastiest curry

Nonya Secrets sauces and recipes

Nonya Secrets make it easy to create a luxurious curry with just the ingredients you want to use.  Their products include green curry, Rendang curry mix and spicy peanut sauce as well as a range of recipes to help you use the sauces.  Did you know that you can pair tea with food just like wine?

With strongly flavoured foods like these, go with a scented tea like Earl Grey or a fruit tea matching the flavours of the curry.

Meet all of these brands and taste their products at Fes-Tea-Val, buy tickets now!

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