Welcome to Britain’s Best Tea Guide Edition 4 – Here to whet your appetite for something new!

Your guide to which products are a must try this season!

This week, well, what can we say it’s nearly time for the biggest Tea event of the year!

National Tea Day Fes-Tea-Val is taking place this month between 21-22 April.  And there’s never been a better time to try a new type of tea.  But that’s not all so check out our recommendation for must-try products, new recipe ideas and tasty ways to try your tea.


Tea can help you on your journey to be a better you and this week’s products certainly do that. The point of Vitali-Tea is to help you be a better you by feeling better, and with tea the first thing we put to our lips in the morning where better place to start. This weeks products are there to help you ditch the diet and start a lifestyle.

Meet the New Bodacious Green Tea Blends


Kickstart your heart and your immune system with bodacious blends brought to you by MangaJo iced tea.

Exotic superfruits and tea leaves join forces to create a beverage packed with enough antioxidants to annihilate your hangover in a single swig. With ingredients incorporating everything from acai to goji berries, MangaJo brings a whole new meaning to au naturel.

Pina colada in a tea bag

Newby TEAS

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, you’ll love the citrusy notes of Newby’s Rooibos silken pyramids – a true wonder of the world.

Plucked from the mountains of South Africa, the fine tea blend is naturally caffeine-free. The silken sachets were inspired by the Chatra Collection – a stunning curation of tea antiquities that will be on display at Chiswick House throughout the Fes-Tea-Val


The amount of brilliant afternoon teas out there mean that we are asking the question, ‘Why aren’t there more days in the week?’ – we are going to get a petition going!

The afternoon craze has been steeping the nation and to help you choose the best one for you we have 3 of our favourites listed here:

For our full list of associated venues go to TeaNearMe.co.uk

Afternoon Tea London Bus

Tour Style

B Bakery

Brigit’s Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Whether you’re a seasoned Londoner or new to the city, Brigit’s Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus tour is a fantastic way to absorb all that London has to offer whilst taking part in the very English tradition of Afternoon Tea with a French twist. Climb aboard a 1960’s vintage Routemaster double decker bus, enjoy a cup of tea and a wonderful spread of pastries, sandwiches and cakes masterfully handmade by the bakeries award winning chefs, all whilst taking in famous landmarks of London such as Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and the London Eye. The Afternoon Tea Bus is ideal for parties and is perfect for celebrating a special occasions, you can hire it out completely or just the top deck! We also provide vegetarian, halal, vegan, gluten-free and pescatarian afternoon teas on request.

Enjoy a 1897 style

afternoon tea

Lady Nadine

The year is 1897 and you are wishing to take tea ‘Downton Abbey’ style, then look no further. With Her Majesty having taken tea here two years previous, and commented very favourably upon the refreshment she received, Aunt Martha now has available for her patrons in excess of ten Afternoon Teas & Cream Teas to select from plus the a la carte choices; the range of beverages is also quite extensive.

You might have taken afternoon tea at many different establishments, but until you have experienced the delights on offer at Aunt Martha’s your life will be incomplete.

Go beyond scones and

cream teas

Royal Park Hotel London

The Afternoon Tea experience at The Hyde is more intimate and luxurious than just scones and cream – it can actually begin with a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne or maybe a cocktail from the bar’s award winning mixologist.

From signature English Breakfast Teas produced by the last independent, family-run tea garden in the mountains of Malawi, hand-crafted Dragon Well Long Jing Green Teas, pressed into the shape of a feather, fine sandwiches, The Hyde’s speciality Lemon Curd and towers of Macarons, all served on the finest Bone China, specially created by Narumi of Japan.

The Hyde is open daily for Afternoon Tea, between 2.30pm and 6.00pm.

Fresh ‘n’ Tast-tea

We are always on the look out for new innovations in tea – after all, with so many thousands of varieties of teas out there why drink the same old cuppa everyday? The products we list in this section are teas which we recommend you add to your wish list and be sure to check out at Fes-Tea-Val! Some products are about innovating the very way we take tea whilst other products are unique single estate teas which you are unlikely to have ever tried. We think the key to being a tea lover is having an open mind and trying new products – if you try any of our recommendations take a photo and be sure to tag us on social media @Nationalteaday.

Every Bottle Tells a


Tipsy Tart vodka

Flavoured vodka isn’t a new idea, but the Tipsy Tart offers something a little different to entice your taste buds.  The Rose and Lychee Vodka combines two exotic flavours for a vodka that can be served in lots of different ways.

One simple and tasty idea is to combine it with chilled Prosecco and a single raspberry for a sophisticated and easy cocktail.  Perfect for those warm spring days relaxing in the garden.

Superfoods for breakfast

without a smoothie in sight

Olly Bars

According to urban legend, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you’re partial to a full English or just a grab ‘n’ go, Olly Bars – All Day Breakfast edition – are a morning must-have.

Containing not one, not two, but twelve whole superfoods, not only are Olly Bars a verifiable source of power but also the perfect pairing for any type of tea – be it Builders or Green.


Tea is fashionable. It is good for you, much trendier than coffee and there is so much more scope to be original compared to other drinks! Whilst we love writing about which teas to drink, once you have your cuppa ready why not take a minute to think about how you can look sheek in the Bou-tea-que. Tea after all is a stalwart of British culture, of socialising and of fashion back up your gourmet tea with a look to match.

who said apron’s couldn’t be sexy?

Lobster Homeware

High fashion meets high functionality with Lobster Homeware Aprons. This ain’t your granny’s apron: oven mitts are seamlessly integrated into the cutting-edge design for practical perfection.

Putting the ‘fab’ in ‘fabric’, these aprons are available in denim, camo, and a series of other prints. These are the only designs we at National Tea Day care to see sashay down the Fashion Week runway.

Cut out the kettle

Finerfilters Chrome Tap System

Finerfilters offer the chance to get filtered water on demand with an easy temperature adjustment between 50 to 100 degrees Celsius.

The taps use the Calida boiling water system to offer hot and cold filtered water and the 2.4-litre tank creates up to 60 cups of boiling water every hour.  It has a child lock on the tap to stop those potential accidents and means you can get rid of your kettle and filter water system.


This weeks recommendations for Tea ‘n’ Tipple are some unique twists on absolute classics. This is what in our view, Tea ‘n’ Tipple is all about, innovation and experimentation on existing ideas! The idea that it was tea or alcohol long consigned to the past and now we can look forward to the age of Tea AND Tipple. The fact is that tea has an incredible amount in common with wine as they both share similar flavour profiles and we really recommend learning with wine in order to improve your tea palate. The wonderful array of tea flavours mean that it can infuse Gins, Rums, Whiskeys and Vodka’s for an incredible twist of classic combinations. Be sure to experiment at home, take a photo and tag us @Nationalteaday.

Yorkshire’s best flavoured gins now include tea!

Masons Yorkshire Gin

In 2015, Masons Yorkshire Gin decided to expand the range and to create something drier on the palate.

They had already created Yorkshire’s first gin, so why not mix it with another of Yorkshire’s favourite drinks, and make a tea edition.
It’s made with a classic black tea, not too perfumed and with a characteristic ‘tea’ flavour. They added it to the still with the rest of our original recipe and played.

Many trials later, they found the right balance: it wasn’t alcoholic tea, and it wasn’t tea flavoured gin. It was subtle, balanced and unique.

Roll out the Jolly Roger

Pirate’s Grog

A pirate’s first love will always be the sea – but a close second is a good cup of tea.

Deep in the jungle of Roatán, Robert J. van der Weg (also known as The Dutch Pirate), developed a dangerously good drink: Pirate’s Grog. Celebrating the flavours of the Caribbean, the dastardly brew is capable of instantly transporting you through time and space: one sip takes you to the beach, whereas an entire bottle is liable to instantly transport you to the next morning with no recollections of the night before.

On National Tea Day, toast to international tastes with a bottle of rum. Buckle down the hatches, buccaneers: this brew is not for the faint-hearted.


Yes, tea is always on our mind! Once our appetite for tea is satisfied however our mind always turns towards what the best possible accompaniment will be! We do love the classic combination of a biscuit and English Breakfast tea but often we love to experiment too.

Whether it is biscuits, bakery, cakes or even Ice Cream there are so many incredible flavour combinations you can create by sampling different snacks with different tea.

After all what tastes amazing with a Darjeeling will have a very different profile with a Rooibos!

Perfect for the Sweet Nut

My Dorable Sugared Almonds

Sugared almonds have been a gift of love for centuries and are France’s oldest bonbon.  The tradition of giving them at weddings dates to Napoleon who gave one to his new wife.

My Dorable’s sweet treats are made with the same traditional methods and are handcrafted with layers of sugar added to the almonds.  The result is the highest quality sweet treat for any occasion.

Every Great Tea Needs a Piece of Cake

Great Bakes Ginger Brownie

What cup of tea is complete without a delicious snack?

The ginger brownie from Great Bakes adds just the right amount of sticky ginger to the classic fudge brownie.  The cake also comes in a tin of 12 so there’s enough to share – or just to indulge yourself!


Yes, tea is always on our mind! Once our appetite for tea is satisfied however our mind always turns towards what the best possible accompaniment will be! We do love the classic combination of a biscuit and English Breakfast tea but often we love to experiment too.

Whether it is biscuits, bakery, cakes or even Ice Cream there are so many incredible flavour combinations you can create by sampling different snacks with different tea. After all what tastes amazing with a Darjeeling will have a very different profile with a Rooibos!


Flatty Man

This Lapsang Souchong Tea Infused Pulled Pork Pide Bread is bound to get your senses tingling with just the right balance of spices carefully balancing out those tea-tones!

  • Khobez or Pide Bread
  • Lapsang Souchong Tea
  • Pork Shoulder
  • Dry Rub (Chilli flakes, brown sugar, BBQ spices)
  • (Asian Slaw), Red cabbage, Red onion, Carrot, Fresh coriander, Soy sauce,
  • Fresh chilli, Sesame seeds, Rice wine vinegar.
  • BBQ sauce

Evenly coat pork shoulder with dry rub mix and marinate for 24 hours. Smoke the Lapsang Souchong leaves on a stove and then place the pork on top over a trivet and cook for 1-2 hours covered in foil. Then transfer to another tray cook for 6-8 hours at 120c covered with foil with water underneath trivet. Finely slice Asian slaw mix and combine with other ingredients and keep chilled until use. Once pork is cooked and cool finely shred. Reduce the juices from the pork and then cover the shredded pork and either serve or keep warm (or keep frozen/chilled in freezer bag). Warm bread and serve with pork and slaw on top.

Season Any Recipe Like a Chef

Kampot Pepper

Ask any chef and they will tell you the key to a recipe is the seasoning.  The Kampot salt and pepper seasoning kit is the ideal way to have a range of different seasonings on hand for any recipe.

The kit includes BoTree Black, Red and White Kampot Pepper along with BoTree Kampot Fleur de Sel and both a stylish salt pot and pepper mill to use the seasonings.

Keep reading Britain’s Best Tea Guide for inspiring recipes to try with your new seasoning kit!

Meet all of these brands and taste their products at Fes-Tea-Val, buy tickets now!

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