Welcome to Britain’s Best Tea Guide Edition 1 – your guide to which products are a must try this season!


With the National Tea Day Fes-Tea-Val taking place on the 21st and 22nd of April 2018 this is your chance to get the inside line on new products, new recipes and top new combinations to try with a cuppa ahead of the event.


With the gluttony of Christmas but a blissful and happy memory it is time we turn our minds to Vitali-Tea and the ongoing battle to get rid of the Christmas pounds. Tea is where the mantra, have a healthy lifestyle and not a diet springs to mind.

It is easy to make, really good for you and most importantly so delicious you won’t get bored and start reaching for a bottle of Coke anytime soon. Here are 3 products we recommend you try this week in order to kick off your tea inspired diet:



Whereas normally you might be reaching for the clotted cream and scone to accompany an afternoon cuppa why not try a delightful Red Onion Chutney on a Lentil Cracker, it contains fresh red onions, unrefined jaggery, poppy seeds, yellow mustard seeds and black pepper.

This chutney is a delicious taste-bud-tickling condiment and a perfect way to reduce your calories but still get great taste!

A gloriously golden wake me up

clipper teas

This will likely be a like for like replacement of your existing English Breakfast Tea, except Clippers tea bags are unbleached and fair trade meaning you will be feeling good on the inside as well as the outside!

The strong robust flavour of this English Breakfast is great as a morning pick me up as well and is just what you need to get you through these cold wintery days.


The amount of brilliant afternoon teas out there mean that we are asking the question, ‘Why aren’t there more days in the week?’ – we are going to get a petition going!

The afternoon craze has been steeping the nation and to help you choose the best one for you we have 3 of our favourites listed here:


La Suite West

Why is it when you tell people you are a vegan they assume you live off lentils and don’t like to treat yourself? La Suite West have done what we regard as a public service and created a truly luxurious and indulgent vegan afternoon tea featuring designer finger sandwiches, home-made scones served with coconut creme and fresh strawberries, followed by a delectable selection of home made pastries.
Modern, classic, affordable

Malmaison Birmingham

The first thing to note about this afternoon tea is it’s iconic location, in the heart of Birmingham and overlooking the city it is just the perfect place to meet up with friends after a shopping trip (or before for that matter).

The afternoon tea itself doesn’t disappoint with mini wraps, hot dogs and burgers providing a surprisingly elegant twist on a classic afternoon tea!

Remarkably luxurious

Hotel Du Vin Tonbridge

Stroll in the beautiful gardens, enjoy the clink of glasses on the terrace or dine al fresco with wonderful views across lush lawns to the ornamental gardens of Calverley Park, after this you can take afternoon tea in the Tea Lounge.

This truly is everyday indulgence with the experience including Severn & Wye smoked salmon and cream cheese on dark rye bread, egg and cress mayonnaise brioche sub, ham with Gruyère croissant, heritage tomato and tapenade galette, goat’s cheese and spinach quiche, followed by our selection of cream tea.

Fresh ‘n Tast-tea

We are always on the look out for new innovations in tea – after all, with so many thousands of varieties of teas out there why drink the same old cuppa everyday?

The products we list in this section are teas which we recommend you add to your wish list and be sure to check out at Fes-Tea-Val! Some products are about innovating the very way we take tea (the Chai drops below for instance) whilst other products are unique single estate teas which you are unlikely to have ever tried (The Green Tea below).

We think the key to being a tea lover is having an open mind and trying new products – if you try any of our recommendations take a photo and be sure to tag us on social media @Nationalteaday.

Try Chai Spices

Spice Drops

Let’s face it, Chai is absolutely delicious, but it can sometimes be hard work to make! Thanks to our innovative friends at Holy Lama Spice Drops however Chai is now easier to make than ever!

Firstly if you haven’t tried spice drops before, there are a huge range of flavours and they give you the intense flavours you are after with none of the associated hassle.

Their Chai Spices drops carry a great flavour and also makes making your chai hugely accessible!

(Re)Introducing Kenyan Tea

West London Hampers

When buying a hamper you might expect the hero product to be chocolates or wine, West London Hampers have finally made tea the hero by integrating their delightful range of Kenyan Premium Loose Leaf Teas.

Kenyan teas are very often very high quality and noted for their bold an rich flavours, which is why Kenyan tea is especially prevalent in the Breakfast tea market.

This particular product however is a Green Tea, and while some green teas can get a little bit lost on the palate this one packs some serious flavour!


Tea is fashionable.

It is good for you, much trendier than coffee and there is so much more scope to be original compared to other drinks!

Whilst we love writing about which teas to drink, once you have your cuppa ready why not take a minute to think about how you can look sheek in the Bou-tea-que.

Tea after all is a stalwart of British culture, of socialising and of fashion back up your gourmet tea with a look to match.

Cap off your afternoon tea

Mu Du

Is there anything greater than the contrast between feeling like royalty at a luxury afternoon tea and then stepping outside in your waterproof and looking like a hiker? We absolutely love the stylish and sleek hat designs at Mu Du, n a word they are just so quintessentially London!

Our favourite is this ‘Chocolate Julia Trilby’ – a lot more stylish than an anorak hoody I think you will agree.

Mini Afternoon Tea Set


At what age did you have your first afternoon tea? 12? 18? 25?

Well at National Tea Day we say the younger the better so we thought we would show you this delightful afternoon tea set from Souzu which features beautifully crafted wooden sandwiches, scones & jam and even macaroons.

As well as teaching the kids about afternoon tea the real upside is that it keeps the kids busy while you demolish the real tea and scones in the other room!


This weeks recommendations for Tea ‘n’ Tipple are some unique twists on absolute classics. This is what in our view, Tea ‘n’ Tipple is all about, innovation and experimentation on existing ideas!

The idea that it was tea or alcohol long consigned to the past and now we can look forward to the age of Tea AND Tipple. The fact is that tea has an incredible amount in common with wine as they both share similar flavour profiles and we really recommend learning with wine in order to improve your tea palate.

The wonderful array of tea flavours mean that it can infuse Gins, Rums, Whiskeys and Vodka’s for an incredible twist of classic combinations. Be sure to experiment at home, take a photo and tag us @Nationalteaday.

Gin Dar(jee)ling?


The idea of an Earl Grey infusion in your gin is quite common place now and if that is something you like then you are going to LOVE this. Jindea Gin actually infuses using Darjeeling – widely known as the Champagne of Tea (Because it’s very very good).

Having tried this we can safely say you don’t need a host of fruits or other flavours to make the magic happen, just Jindea Gin and a Premium tonic do the trick for an absolutely brilliant twist on a classic combination.

Developing your pairings expertise


When we introduce people to tea pairing we often say that tea is very similar to wine. You wouldn’t think twice about matching the flavour profile of a different wine to a lamb or a chicken dish for instance, so why not tea?

The only problem is, what if you know very little about wine pairing? Well fear not, we have partnered with the tasting experts at Pieroth Wines to help educate you.

The great thing with a Pieroth experience is they actually come to your home to do the tasting masterclass so you can take the time to learn about the flavour profile of the wine without having to pretend to everyone else in a restaurant you are a sommelier!

Try it out, what you learn is readily transferable to tea.


Yes, tea is always on our mind! Once our appetite for tea is satisfied however our mind always turns towards what the best possible accompaniment will be! We do love the classic combination of a biscuit and English Breakfast tea but often we love to experiment too.

Whether it is biscuits, bakery, cakes or even Ice Cream there are so many incredible flavour combinations you can create by sampling different snacks with different tea.

After all what tastes amazing with a Darjeeling will have a very different profile with a Rooibos!

Yes, tea biscuits are now a thing

Rhythm 108

We absolutely love the treats at Rhythm 108, mostly for their great taste, but also for the fact that they are organic, diary free and gluten free meaning you can feel a little bit less guilty about stuffing your face!

These gems are Chocolate Hazelnut and are specifically made to be a perfect compliment to a cuppa, ooh-la-la!

Cool off sweetie

Simply Ice-Cream

A little known fact, ice-cream makes for an absolutely delicious accompaniment to tea. The contrast in temperatures mean your taste buds are that little more sensitive and receptive to the flavours!

We know a lot of you like to have honey with your tea as an alternative to milk, with this Honeycomb Ice-Cream you don’t need to as the sweet subtle tastes of the ice-cream provide a cooling but sweet sensation!


Our motto is (OK, one of our many mottos) is that tea is never drunk on its own. With tea having such rich flavour properties it is only right it is used in recipes and paired with other delicious foods.

Tea certainly doesn’t always need to be paired with sweet foods and it can be equally compelling complementing savoury dishes.

On the other hand why not use tea to make gorgeous cocktails or to infuse a sauce? The possibilities are endless and experimentation really is the key to success here.

Let us know your favourite tea pairing and recipe combinations on social media @Nationalteaday! Below are just a couple of ours.

Pairings taken to a new level


When I say tea pairings I bet a range of foods come to mind, perhaps biscuits first and even chocolates! We bet it wasn’t hummus though.

The delightful range of hummus at Chic’p though has just got us so excited that we have been coming up with pairing combinations galore here at NTD HQ. After all, there are so many subtle deviations in flavour it has just the perfect profile to be pairing with tea.

We have been spreading the hummus on small strips of wholegrain pitta bread and pairing with teas. Our favourite combination so far is the Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric Hummus paired with a Lemon & Ginger Rooibos Tea – the flavours complement perfectly!

Recipe Alert


Alas, we may just be coming into our 3rd winter of the year but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream right? Rather than aimlessly waiting for summer to come around again try this incredible summer fruits combination out for the ultimate ice tea experience.


  • 1/2 cup Hibiscus
  • 4 cups of filtered water
  • A small bunch of fresh mint leaves
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup or honey
  • A handful of berries

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