About National Tea Day

A day. Dedicated to tea.

National Tea Day takes place every year on the 21st of April and is the official day in the U.K. to celebrate our love of tea. It isn’t just a moment in time however and is instead a movement to get us drinking better tea

Reigniting Britains love of tea!

The cup of tea has been a key institution in Britain for centuries, getting people up in the morning, bringing people together and providing after delights. Unfortunately though tea has become a routine beverage with uninspiring products when in reality it has the most diverse offering of any drink.  We are on a mission to change that and to get Britain passionate about tea again. By working with retailers, brands, hotels and most importantly consumers we are enabling people to try a greater variety of better quality teas.

Changing the perception of tea

Our goal is to change the perception of tea from a routine beverage to getting people to embrace tea with great flavour, style and provenance. We want to encourage people to try a new type of tea, one to invigorate your palate or to make you feel better.  Through running exciting consumer events, educating trade professionals and helping retailers promote the most innovative of teas we are able to provide you with a touch point to taste hundreds of incredible teas.

Reinventing the cuppa

We are here to recreate how tea is consumed and this can take many incredible formats. From cold-brews to using tea as an ingredient to integrating tea into cocktails there are all kinds of ways for you to explore the incredible world of tea.

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We’re honoured to be partnered with Mind with 10% of every FesTeaVal ticket purchase going to their great work. With mental health such a prevalent issue, we wanted to do our bit to help. We strongly believe that tea is a social drink and want to get people talking again over a cup of tea.
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