Fes-Tea-Val 2017 was full of tea, snacks, fun, frolics and so much more with it being a superb day out enjoyed by all. Here are what just a few of our guests had to say.


National Tea Day Cake for Attendees

Becky sums up how everyone on the day felt pretty nicely…

The event was brilliant! – So much to do and fantastic products to try. There was a wonderful atmosphere and everybody was delightful. An amazing opportuni-tea for any tea lover! – Becky Wright

John was only upset that he couldn’t take all the tea home with him…literally all the tea

National Tea Day celebrations brought together so many people in a shared love of tea and everything that goes with it – I really felt at home wandering around exploring the best tea I could find and wishing I could take all of it home! – John Holland

Joanne rightly points out that there isn’t anything quite as British as a cup of tea which rightly needs to be celebrated…

A wonderful chance to celebrate the great British institution that is cup of tea! The event is packed full of interesting activities and gives you an opportunity to try many different teas from a wide range of producers – Joanne Hodgson

Mitch Turner and The Queen at National Tea Day 2017

Heaven…some guests felt that the event was Heaven!

It was tea heaven, the best quality tea and friendly vendors. Plus tea cocktails… I mean really, what more could you ask for! Ophelia, Chesham Buckinghamshire

Best day of his life? A perfect setting for his wedding? Dan was waxing lyrical about his time at National Tea Day

This is possibly one of the best days of our living life! I would have been happy if this was the setting for our wedding on that day with all the tea and entertainment. We found new brands of tea that we are going to continue to buy for enjoying in our own home. I want to celebrate this day every year with the festival! – Dan Fullard

Attendees testing tea at National Tea Day 2017


Inspiring to meet the teams behind the brands, particularly the indies and to hear more about their products and passion for tea – KL. McGhee

Bethany is already looking forward to next year

Tea has been my life since I first boiled a kettle in 1992. What a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the drink that has seen me through friendships, break ups, essays, exams, jobs, picnics and many cakes. I learnt a lot, drank a lot and had a great day out, can’t wait for the next one – Bethany Simpkin

Ellie summarises it perfectly, both young and old

Tea is the most quintessential of English drinks! National Tea Day is a fantastic event where tea lovers unite and get a chance to experience new flavours and varieties. The success of this event and the attendance being both young and old proves that tea is not old fashioned and it will always have a place in society in Britain! – Ellie Moody

Par-Tea at National Tea Day 2017

To see what our Brands had to say about the event click here.

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