National Tea Day takes place every year on the 21st of April and is the official day in the U.K. to celebrate our love of tea. It isn’t just a moment in time however and is instead a movement to get us drinking better tea, find out how you can get involved below!
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The cup of tea has been a key institution in Britain for centuries, getting people up in the morning, bringing people together and providing after delights.

Unfortunately though tea has become a routine beverage with uninspiring products when in reality it has the most diverse offering of any drink.

We are on a mission to change that and to get Britain passionate about tea again. By working with retailers, brands, hotels and most importantly consumers we are enabling people to try a greater variety of better quality teas.


Our goal is to change the perception of tea from a routine beverage to getting people to embrace tea with great flavour, style and provenance. We want to encourage people to try a new type of tea, one to invigorate your palate or to make you feel better. 

Through running exciting consumer events, educating trade professionals and helping retailers promote the most innovative of teas we are able to provide you with a touch point to taste hundreds of incredible teas.


Who says tea can only be a morning beverage, or served as a hot drink?

We are here to recreate how tea is consumed and this can take many incredible formats. From cold-brews to using tea as an ingredient to integrating tea into cocktails there are all kinds of ways for you to explore the incredible world of tea.

Follow us on social media or come to one of our events to understand more about how you can delve into the world of tea!

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We want to make tasty tea accessible to every household in the U.K. whether it is through sampling, tastings, content or awareness we want you to know how you can brew up a tasty tea revolution in your very own kitchen.

From inspirational recipes to incredible new teas you can find out all on the National Tea Day channels. We are the U.K’s biggest tea community and work to bring you the very best and most incredible tea content available.

We believe that by raising the standard of tea service outside of the home we will be able touch the lives of millions of consumers everyday making a difference with better tea.

Most importantly for us as well is getting people together over a great cup of tea. So many people often feel lonely or isolated and taking time for a cuppa with a family member, friend or colleague is a great way to check if they are okay.

A tea revolution is brewing, are you ready?

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In today’s fast paced urban world it is too easy to do everything in a rush and because it is your routine, but by taking a moment and trying something new could be exactly what you need to reignite your passion for tea. With incredible functional energising and boosting benefits to help you feel better after a long day it’s never been a better time to brush up on your tea knowledge. 

This taste revolution doesn’t just stop with tea however, we want to change the accompaniments you have with your cuppa. Sometimes a classic digestive biscuit is exactly what you need, but other times why not try a healthy snack, indulgent chocolates, seafood, cheese or alongside a delightful homemade cake! 

Tea is a great bringer together of people so why not bake a cake to share and give your friends, a family member or an old colleague a message to make an occasion of it!


Tea doesn’t just need to be consumed out of a mug but can even be consumed from a champagne flute!

Tea has undergone a massive premiumisation and is now a drink which can be used as a fashion accessory, as a wellness aide or as a gift. Young people all over the U.K. have embraced the tea revolution with formerly unknown drinks like Chai making it onto menu’s everywhere.

Tea consumption isn’t declining, it is just changing with consumers now embracing a more modern, premium, functional and stylish tea. People are drinking less poor quality tea and drinking more tea they can get passionate about.

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There are so many ways to get involved and be part of our communi-tea. National Tea Day is your friend in tea and was created to empower Britain’s tea drinkers with tea know how.  We are an accessible organisation who want to bring the message of better tea to the world.

Drop us a message on social media with any tea related questions and one of our experts will be on hand to answer.  Keep an eye out for one of our events and you will be treated to a world of incredible tea tastings. Our main event is FesTeaVal, a dedicated tea festival with tea, treats and snacks galore, read on below for more details.

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If you want to be immersed in the world of tea then look no further than attending FesTeaVal – the ultimate day for those seeking to Par-Tea.

This interactive and fun packed experiential event will transport you to a modern world of tea at the incredibly cool Tobacco Dock on the 13th-14th of April.  The delectable tastings, educational masterclasses and carefully crafted sensory experiences will transform your perception of tea for ever.

This isn’t just a tea tasting event but a British lifestyle festival.  A beacon for urban food and beverage, FesTeaVal will feature Afternoon Tea Runway, The ‘no cream’ Tea zone, blindfolded tea tastings, sensational tea pairings passionately created by our in house experts and a rooftop bar beach with views across London (Blankets on standby just in case)


Your journey into the world of tea shouldn’t end with this web page. Follow us on social media for incredible content, new tea ideas and updates on how you can get involved in our future events!

FesTeaVal 2019 is coming soon at Tobacco Dock, on the 13th-14th of April – will you be there?





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